Spotify Premium Forever?

Okay, after using Spotify free for a year, I decided to upgrade my Spotify account from the basic version to the premium version two weeks ago. I felt like it’s annoying when I can only play music in “Shuffle mode” which mean I can’t play songs on-demand or offline. I also had limited number of song skips and, of course, I had to listen to ads which became my first reason to upgrade to the Spotify premium. I know that Spotify is a freemium business model which basic services are provided free of charge and more advanced features must be paid for.

Spotify makes a lot of money from advertising and charging its customers for the premium version. According to Loeb (2015), Spotify had 75 million active listeners in June 2015 where 20 million of them are paying the $9.99 monthly fee which equals to $199,800,000 a month or $2.4 billion a year. Yep, that’s it, that’s a lot of money. But that active listeners and revenue were in 2015, and I believe Spotify users has increased from that year which results in more revenue.

Besides that, after I upgraded and enjoy using the premium version without any ads appear on my screen, I saw an Instagram account which made me curious about it. I saw someone promoting Spotify Premium without any given period which is forever. At the first time, I thought it’s not real. That made me ask my friends if its true or not. All of them said that it is real. My friends explained it to me how it actually works, so basically, we have to contact the admin who sells Spotify Premium Forever and pay for IDR25,000 which equal to AUD$2.5. The admin of that account will tell you what to do until the account of Spotify Premium Forever is ready to use. My friends said that the procedure is really simple, but until now I’m still thinking “HOW COME?”, that’s illegal.


Source: Instagram

I know it’s very cheap and good if we buy the Spotify premium forever account from them, and I know a lot of my friends including me are interested with this, but don’t you think that this is something like crime? I feel that this categorised as Illegal. I believe if Spotify doesn’t do anything to stop this, it can affect their sales which can result in a diminishing of their revenue. What do you guys think? Would you like to use the Spotify Premium forever? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts or (if any) experience with this.


7 thoughts on “Spotify Premium Forever?

  1. I guess this is some kind of a crime. The last time I checked that they use some kind of jailbreak. I got some of my friends back in my home country try to use this cheap method rather than paying $12 a month. The jailbreak version of Spotify does not always work that some of them still unable to enjoy the premium features of Spotify.


    1. Oh really? I’m just considering to get this thing because I think no one wants to pay $12 for a month where they could get $2.5 forever. I thought this Spotify Premium Forever will work normally, but then as you said that your friends having trouble with it, I might need to think twice about it.


  2. Interesting topic! For sure i will not try this spotify premium forever. I think this is illegal and Spotify should complain this problem as their intellectual property being breached by irresponsible person.


    1. Yes exactly! That’s what I’m thinking too, they should do something to stop this otherwise, their revenue will decreasing slowly in countries that have this Spotify Premium Forever.


  3. How could they sell it so cheap? :/

    I might go premium in the future, starting to feel tired to listen to the ads! I think Spotify is one of the best example to explain Freemium 🙂


    1. I don’t know, I think it’s kind of like jailbreak which similar to Playstation 3 and 4 where some sellers sell jailbreak games for only $10 per game compare to the original game which cost more than $60. However, I found that there are many disadvantages of using jailbreak system. If you are planning to upgrade to the premium version, I think you can use the Spotify Premium for a student which cost less than the normal one. It’s good, a lot of my friends has used it.


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