What We Want to See When Shopping Online

Online shopping is considered to be a very helpful way of buying products through the Internet. Many individuals around the world prefer to shop online and purchase products from several brands and companies that they cannot discover or are not available for purchase in specific areas. According to Roy Morgan Research (2013), more than 50.3 percent of Australians are shopped online which there was a growth about 12 percent from the previous year in the retail sector. The research that was done in 2013 also found the average weekly online expenditure was about $285 per person. These huge numbers show that online retailers need to improve their strategy to grab customer’s attention to choose their products. The reason why is because there are a lot of online retailers that are selling same products in the market and the number of online retailer’s customers are increasing.

I found two online companies that are selling car care products which actually I think they have simplest strategies to attract customers when do the online shopping. The one is providing “FREE SHIPPING”, no matter how many products that you buy even if it’s only one product and you still get free delivery. Who wants to pay for shipping? If we can get free delivery, why we would have to pay? Even if we pay for the shipping fee, we still have to wait for 2-3 days to get the products delivered to our address.

2Source: Swissvax Australia

Another one, they put original price and their sale price for every single product so their customers could see how much money they could save when buying it. I believe this is just part of their strategies to make us as customers feel this is a good one because we get discounted price. Therefore, when we compare to other companies that are selling same products, we think that the company which giving discounted price is better because we could save some money when buying it. That is why it is important for those online retailers to plan their digital marketing strategies as effective as they could be to attract more customers.

1Source: Chemical Guys Australia

So, what do you guys think? Do you think that something like these will affect our decision to buy the products from them? I personally believe yes, because I’ve experienced this, where I chose because they provide free shipping. Please share your thoughts below.


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