‘Reward’ as a Strategy in Digital Marketing

A lot of digital or online companies are usually generating money from advertising. I believe that almost all of them get their biggest revenue from advertising just like Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify. It’s all about money for them. But some companies also have a different strategy to encourage more customers to generate more revenue. This is what I found more interesting which they are offering ‘rewards’ for those their customers who are loyal to them. I believe this is something that we want. I found a food delivery company here in Australia as an example. It’s called Menulog, and I think all of you guys know this business, they are offering up to $50 voucher discount depending on the restaurant if you ordered more than five times (also depending on the restaurant).


Source: Gourmanda

It is interesting, right? Another company that I found which doing the same thing is GasBuddy. GasBuddy is an American Company which focus on providing petrol prices, and location of petrol stations. They just launched the application in Australia in March 2016. Basically, the customers of this company downloaded this app on their mobile phones where they could check petrol prices anywhere and anytime here in Australia using this application. The users of this app also could participate to report current petrol prices to get points. Therefore, that points could be used to get a reward that worth $100 petrol. So, the more points you have, the more likely you are going to win! According to Convenience and Impulsive Retailing (2016), this application has reached 100,000 users in Australia just one month after launching. It’s such a big number for a new company in Australia, I think that’s because they are using the right strategy to encourage more and more customers.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 9.14.19 pm

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 9.14.25 pm

Source: GasBuddy

I believe this ‘reward’ strategy is a good point to encourage more customers. Do you guys think this is effective? Can you think any strategy that kind of similar to this?


2 thoughts on “‘Reward’ as a Strategy in Digital Marketing

  1. Uber, Foodora and Deliveroo also use the same method. I think that method would encourage customers to try the first time. But if after they try it and they are not satisfy, they would not comeback even if it is for the reward. Customers would change to another service that suit them better


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