Instagram’s Multiple Photos in Single Post


Source: The Verge

This topic may be related to my previous one. But there is a reason why I want to talk about Instagram again. This topic is so relevant to today’s marketing activities, and we all know that social media is worldwide, so that those social media companies are getting and preparing for more improvement for its product which is social media application. Instagram just recently released a new cool feature which called ‘Multiple Photos’. They released this feature at the beginning of February 2017.

Check this out:

Source: Youtube

Instagram has released a similar feature to this in the middle of 2016, but it is for multiple accounts, where you could quickly change multiple to triple accounts by just switching it. So, it’s kind of similar to this multiple photos feature, and both are really helpful for marketers. Why did said this feature (multiple photos) is so relevant? Because now marketers can easily promote their products in a single post where customers tend to get bored of too many pictures in their home (timeline). I believe that a lot of people will unfollow any Instagram’s users who post too many pictures at the same time, the reason why because I do (LOL).


Source: Instagram

This has become an opportunity for marketers on Instagram to promote or selling even better in terms of flexibility. For example (picture above), this second-hand car dealer is using multiple photos feature to sell their cars. Now their followers will not see too many posts of one car just to get a different angle. What their followers will see is only a single post with a couple or even more pictures which will not make their home (timeline) full of unnecessary pictures. We as customers could easily use this feature by shifting the images to the right. This feature is so simple, easy to use, and helpful for sellers and buyers.

What do you guys think of this feature? I believe almost all active Instagram users are aware of this.


10 thoughts on “Instagram’s Multiple Photos in Single Post

  1. I think you’re right about it being more useful for marketing. Like you, if people posted too often I would lose interest and most likely unfollow because they were taking away time and feed space from seeing my actual friends and family, I quite like being able to flick through multiple photos that relate to one event, and I think it is more likely to engage me due to my curiosity about what the other photos could be. Can you post videos in this section too?


    1. Yeah I know right, we just feel bored when we see posted too often. Yes, you could post both pictures and videos at the same time, and I believe we could post up to 5-6 pictures / videos at the same time.


  2. This new feature of Instagram is actually pretty handy tho. It’s easy to use and I find it quite interesting to see a pack of photos in a single post. It’s a good opportunity for online shop to promote their product in a single post.


    1. Why? A lot of Instagram users (e.g. Influencers) that have a lot of followers will charge you for paid promotion. For instance, you want to promote your products. And you could simply use multiple photo post. So i think it works!


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